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Who We Are

Patrick Duffy

Managing Director

Electrical engineer, Fulbright scholar, experience in wide range of functions, companies and countries at Director and Managing Director level. Considerable experience of patent—and knowhow-based licensing as seller and buyer. Has been a director of manufacturing, distribution and software companies, and an oil refinery. Consulted for major Irish, UK, French, US, and Japanese companies. He and Joss previously worked together as a CEO and CTO respectively, repeated when they jointly founded Jospa for wave energy R & D in 2008.

Joss Fitzsimons

Technical Director

Mechanical engineer, combining inventive excellence with professional engineering competence. His R&D on use of glass cullet in glasswool insulation production is now worldwide industry practice. His reinforced gypsum work is used worldwide. Designed and built many special purpose machines, including a successful full state-of-the-art non-wovens production line that sold throughout Europe and in Iran.He’s the inventor of the tug and beach, his model workshop has been a key element for Jospa to control costs.

Brendan McGrath

Project Director

Qualified boat-builder, 6 years building ocean-going yachts, 17 years deep sea fishing, developed and managed a fleet of 12 vessels up to 50m. Established an FMCG distribution company in the Basque region of Spain, servicing major Spanish & French supermarkets. Designed and built a wave energy convertor to TRL 4, tested at the Kelvin Laboratory, Glasgow and at Ifremer, Brest. Developing a utility scale, gravitational energy storage system, supported by Innovate UK. He has been granted patents in US, AUS & Europe for the Wave Device & Gravitational Energy Storage. He and Jospa have discussed technical issues over 5 years.

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Jospa Ocean Solutions support the UN's sustainable goals, addressing goals numbered 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 17